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1. cristian100 %
2. ancarecord100 %
3. daria Month leader100 %
4. nini0307100 %
5. emiliana100 %
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Last week TOP
1. cristian97.948 %
2. daria Month leader97.383 %
3. emiliana95.983 %
4. nini030793.319 %
5. temisvarka91.527 %
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Weekly definitions

This week prize:30 RON
Minimum required players per week:30
This week prize (if fewer players):15 RON
Minimum required accuracy per week:100 %
This month prize:50 RON
Minimum required players per month:55
This month prize (if fewer players):25 RON
Number of tie-break questions:11
Time allowed to answer to tie-break questions:45 sec
Minimum coins allowed for cash withdrawal:1000 OBP
Current exchange rate:1000 OBP = 40 RON

Locate the image that is displayed every day.

Answer to simple geography quizzes so that you will know the World better.